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A ventilator is a machine that helps you breathe when you're sick, injured, or sedated for an operation. It pumps oxygen-rich air into your lungs. It also helps you breathe out carbon dioxide, a harmful waste gas your body needs to get rid of.

Even while they help you breathe, ventilators sometimes lead to complications. These problems can result from the ventilator itself, or from things that are more likely to happen when you're on a ventilator.

Helping you respond to surges in ventilated COVID-19 patients


Programs Help COVID 19 Long Haulers Recover
During a long night in the emergency room, a test confirmed what someone already suspected: she was positive for the COVID-19 test. It means she might happen coming next few days, spent time in the intensive care unit, on a ventilator for a week treatment, but that didn't mean she was fully recovered. So, she still needs a different kind of Ventilator until back to nearly normal, or what she calls ''normal-ish."

Post- COVID 19 Recovery Programs

Post-COVID 19 recovery programs offer hope to the so-called long-haul COVID 19 patients or long-hauliers. While many COVID patients recover after a few weeks, some have lingering symptoms for months, or longer, and may even get new symptoms.

While fatigue is the most common symptom, long hauliers may also have chest pain, cognitive changes, lightheadedness, skin numbness, and tingling. Mental health can be an issue, too.

Post-ICU syndrome can involve physical, mental, and emotional symptoms such as depression, memory issues, and posttraumatic stress disorder from the experience."Even after 6 months of recovery, they are still complaining about memory or brain fog issues, or difficulty exercising," 

It's hard to pinpoint how many COVID-19 survivors will need these programs. In a recent study tracking more than 1,700 COVID patients in the EU who had been hospitalized, 76% still had at least one symptom 6 months later -- most often muscle weakness or fatigue and a hard time sleeping.

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