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Increase the COVID 19 Screening Capacity.

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MVC Signed a License Agreement with NIH on COVID-19 Vaccine

PUBLISHED ON 2020-05-05

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. (MVC) entered a global commercial license agreement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on May 5th. Within the agreement, NIH grants MVC the rights to obtain the original biomaterials of recombinant spike protein, the antibodies for analysis, the technology platform, and the patents related to the platform and the vaccine candidate. From this agreement, MVC has the right to develop, and commercialize worldwide.

The world closes in on 100 million Covid-19 infections

PUBLISHED ON JAN 25, 2021 04:26 PM IST

The novel coronavirus continues to spread in various countries, with the total caseload of infections attributed to the pathogen now bordering 100 million. Nations continue to look towards the closures of international borders and imposition of restrictions at various levels of severity to counter variants of the virus alongside efforts to build herd immunity through vaccination.

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We are ready to provide and submit the Following Saliva Self-Sampling Collection Test Kit, and IL 6 Rapid Test Kit Test results, Certificate, data, workflow, and or related to any Professional Medical report upon request after you signed the NCND between us. In fact, those medical reports, certificates were already proved and no doubt, without hesitation and or challenge their reliability which was issued and approved by the US-FDA with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and EU CE Registration. It is sufficient, comfortable, and very suitable for your hospital Experts, Doctors, professors for their further study and the prevention of COVID19 professional guideline.


What We are Focus on


Speed up COVID 19 Screening and can let the Business Traveler greatly shorten the Quarantine time. Secondly, Work together to reduce the number of infections and deaths. Obviously, the battle will not be stopped or completed even the vaccine appears recently.

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Joint our Medical Teams (Updated on 23 OCt)

IL6 Rapid Test Reader 

Less than 2 Min. The test result, subjects receive the test result on their mobile devices through text message or APP.


  1. real-time notification with results

  2. the result can be checked on both PC and mobile device

  3. browser and APP are offered for result checking

  4. flexibility for porting to a different country

  5. Our Affiliates and Partners win different International Awards as follows: 

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What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing our GDHI Medical Services
  1. Independent Saliva Self-collecting Room,

  2. AR &

  3. RFID Technologies Embedded, for COVID-19 Mass Screening.

BREAKING NEWS in Malaysia 

COVID-19 Mass Screening Full Proposal to MOH Malaysia through Cambrex-Henkel (M) Sdn Bhd. 

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